Organizing… Ugh

I really long to have an organized house (well and life for that matter).  How do I do it?  I have a friend that is VERY organized, I’m going to ask her to blog about it.  This week has been a write off b/c of bus driving, but next week… it begins.  I even checked out totes today, and am thinking whatever doesn’t go out the door to the large pit to burn, or to town to the Thrift Store, or to cousins, nieces or nephews… shall be organized in a clear labeled tote.  What do you think of that?  So I want to clean out the house and get things to the storage shed.  THAT is another point of dis-organization.  IT needs to be cleaned out first.  I think if the weather is lovely I shall start with that… well maybe not, I think I need hubbies help on that one as there are rather large items that need to be shuffled.  OK, I think I shall start on my porch (I need to buy some storage) and then my kitchen.  One cupboard and drawer at a time.

And just to make this post taste good, here is my mom’s rice crispy cake recipe.  Don’t ever do it any other way from now on.

1/2c margarine, 4 cups mini marshmallow, microwave 1 minute and stir.  Microwave 1 minute and stir.  Then add 6 cups of rice crispies.  Press into a pan.  Voila!  That’s it!  Don’t skimp on the margarine.




One thought on “Organizing… Ugh

  1. Super cute note / post. Love the recipe tangent. What a lovely way to add light hearted inspiration to an organizing cheer! I lead support groups for adults with ADHD and I think I have learned something here, from you! Thanks!

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