So I went to the hardware store the other day in Rosetown.  I needed a part for our sink that got broken in repair mode… ironic I know.  So found the piece for the bathroom sink, and carry on to the pay counter.  There in the sale bins was dishsoap.  I needed dishsoap!  In fact if I could buy it here, I wouldn’t have to go to the grocery store!  So I picked it up and proceeded to counter.  The nice gal rang in my stuff, and then told me that the dishsoap was final sale.  I kind of blinked, looked at her, said ok.  Meanwhile laughing inside thinking crazy rude things to say.  Like really?!  In case I get it home and um, it has gone bad?  I actually did pick it up sort of chuckling and said, “Is there an expiry date?” And I had another great thing to say but I forget.  Stage fright, it’s been too long.



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