I need your opinion, gas, electric, smoothtop, induction…

I need a new stove.  Well the one I have still works, but it’s annoying.  It’s always been hotter on the bottom and on the left side.  Until recently, now sometimes the bottoms of my buns are raw and the tops burn… I have a very plain jane Whirlpool that is not self cleaning, and has a coil top.  What do you have?  Why do you love it?  What would you get if you could?



The monotony is drowning me…

Can’t my house just stay clean AND tidy for a whole day?  I’m going to bed, and I’m going to pray that a little fairy, (or maybe a large one) will come and clean my house while I sleep.  I’m grumpy about it.  And I’m very tired.  And I’m tired of being overweight about 30 lbs… So tomorrow, will be a better day.  Today wasn’t bad, but tomorrow needs to be better.  Sleep well, and here’s hoping no philipino or other accented people call YOU at 2 in the morning, repeatedly.

Over and out.


Fruit Flies

I have an infestation of fruit flies.  I have cleared my kitchen drain, have traps set up, tried spraying raid… they keep multiplying throughout the house!  They are just about in every single room.  Any advice?


So we named this blog Tedious because we get caught up in the everyday of life… it’s all important, but sometimes seems trivial.  We are still here, all you faithful followers. (:  I’m in a meal making rut.  I just haven’t had any mojo to cook!  And my house hasn’t really been tidy for about a month.  WE are definately nearing the end of harvest, so soon I hope to completely conquer the odd jobs, the washing of the windows, and the ordering of new ones.  Have a blessed evening.



Hi all!  Just updating you that I will be starting GAME ON on Sunday.  I really need to do this!  Enough yo-yoing (pretty sure that isn’t a word) and time to drop these pounds!  My ideal happy place would be about 30lbs lighter.  Not impossible!

No more muffin tops!



This is from the little Healthy Living magazine that I get.  This was interesting to me!

“A good connection – no wonder calling Mom feels so good!  Voice has a similar impact on the brain as touch, in terms of stress reduction, according to researchers at the U of Wisconsin.  They found that stressed children had increased salivary levels of the hormone cortisol.  Hugging their mothers could significantly drop those cortisol levels and release oxytocin, the warm and fuzzy neurohormone.  But a phone call to Mom showed the same hormonal changes.”

So, call your Mom!  I love talking to family and may be teased by my husband for doing it so much… but here is proof that it is good!!!

Have a blessed sunshiney day!


Starting over

So, I feel out of shape!  Not a suprise with being not very mobile, and eating too much these past 3 weeks.  BUT, today, I got up and walked and ran 10min on the treadmill.  .5 of a mile.  Then I ate a healthy cereal for breakfast.  The only bad thing I’ve done is that I’m using up my cream before it goes bad… so I had some in my coffee and some on my cereal.  It’s a start, and I’m vowing to you all that I will try my best today, and have a healthy first day back at it!